Tuesday, May 4, 2010

fashionary sketchbook

a while ago i received from a friend some information about a really interesting fashion sketchbook. i went home and started searching that amazing sketchbook. i just discovered the website for fashionary sketchbook. first i didn't want to order it because it came from so far,but then i said how long would it take to arrive and so i placed an order for my first fashion sketchbook. when the sketchbook arrived i was really excited and couldn't wait to get home to take a closer look at it. the fashionary sketchbook is really everything you cold ask for. it has basic information about technical drawing, pattern making and recommends good books and really interesting websites and blogs. this sketchbook is the perfect size and light weight to carry it everywhere with you. since i received it i'm carrying it with me everywhere, because you don't know where you find something interesting and you want to do a quick sketch so that you don't forget you're idea.
here are some of my sketches in my fashionary sketchbook and the result of the quick sketches.

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