Thursday, May 13, 2010


i just love these cute sheep :X

lady in red

like every girl i'm kind of a fan of sex and the city and i saw an amazing pictures with the girls and i thought i should do one of my own. here are my ladies in red :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

casual days

spring days can sometimes be very odd. one day it is really hot, the next day it's windy, rainy and cold. so, the spring jackets or cardigans are really a must have in the closet of every girl.
this type of weather inspired my imagination and this is the result :P.


i'm not obsessed about shoes, but some days ago i saw in the city some nice paintings with shoes and i thought i should do some of my own.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

fashionary sketchbook

a while ago i received from a friend some information about a really interesting fashion sketchbook. i went home and started searching that amazing sketchbook. i just discovered the website for fashionary sketchbook. first i didn't want to order it because it came from so far,but then i said how long would it take to arrive and so i placed an order for my first fashion sketchbook. when the sketchbook arrived i was really excited and couldn't wait to get home to take a closer look at it. the fashionary sketchbook is really everything you cold ask for. it has basic information about technical drawing, pattern making and recommends good books and really interesting websites and blogs. this sketchbook is the perfect size and light weight to carry it everywhere with you. since i received it i'm carrying it with me everywhere, because you don't know where you find something interesting and you want to do a quick sketch so that you don't forget you're idea.
here are some of my sketches in my fashionary sketchbook and the result of the quick sketches.

my inspiration

this is the city that inspired most of my designs. it's a city full of creativity and opportunity. everything here can inspire you but you just have to pay attention.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

pucci prints and retro inspiration

searching the internet for something to inspire me i stumbled on a fashion illustration contest organized by marie claire and the istituto europeo di design in barcelona. after reading the information about the contest i decided to participate. i submitted this drawing which is inspired from the retro styles and combined with ethnic and pucci prints.

10 pieces collection

a 10 pieces collection of stripes creations build on four colors: black/white and red/white
i made this illustration after purchasing a fashion drawing sketchbook. the 6 inch blended female figure templates inspired me to create a 10 pieces fashion collection. hope you like it.

first post

until this year i didn't had the opportunity to do something with my talent. i only dreamed of putting my ideas into life through drawings. but this year the opportunity came to me and i took some drawing classes and improved my drawing techniques. i hope to make a future career out of my passion.
the first drawing from the left is my beginner drawing and the second one is more recent. you can see the improvement.